Chef Jeremiah Scott • The Kitchen at Middleground Farms

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Chef Jeremieh Scott

Farm Chef and Forager

Jeremiah’s culinary journey started way back when he was just a kid. He got his start in the kitchen thanks to his grandma, who owned a cozy diner in Dayton, Washington. That’s where he learned the ropes, from perfecting biscuits and gravy to preparing fresh trout from the river nearby.

Jeremiah’s culinary path took an exciting turn when he ventured into the world of fine dining in Sun Valley, Idaho. There, he honed his culinary artistry and developed a taste for the finer things in food. But what really excites him is sharing his know-how and helping budding chefs find their own groove.

After landing in Oregon, Jeremiah’s focus shifted to connecting people with the source of their food. He’s all about teaching others how to grow, pick, and cook their own ingredients, nurturing a deep love for the food we consume.

Jeremiah’s culinary inspiration comes from working with fresh, farm-to-table ingredients and building strong connections with local farmers and foragers. These experiences made him realize the importance of our food systems and the value of learning how to prepare and preserve nature’s bounty.

For Jeremiah, the best part of the job is taking folks out to the garden, picking fresh ingredients, and turning them into delicious dishes right then and there. There’s something truly magical about cooking with ingredients you’ve grown yourself.

Beyond the kitchen, Jeremiah is an avid nature lover and a passionate forager. You’ll often find him out and about, exploring the stunning landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, foraging for unique ingredients to kick his culinary creations up a notch.

Jeremiah has big dreams for the future – he’s set his sights on owning his very own farm someday. It’s a perfect match for his passion for fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and his commitment to sustainable food practices.

Jeremiah isn’t just your average chef – he’s your culinary adventure guide, your grow-your-own guru, and your all-around food enthusiast. Get ready for a flavorful journey filled with culinary delights, food wisdom, and a newfound connection to the source of your meals. It’s going to be a delicious ride!