Take a Class at The Kitchen at Middleground Farms

Cooking Classes

Classes come in many formats, but all have one thing in common: FUN!

We enjoy sharing The Kitchen in an immersive experience. You are welcome to do as much or as little as you want.  Depending on the topic, expect to be in an apron, both in and out of the kitchen, maybe at a cutting board with a sharp knife, maybe at the stovetop…you name it - you’re welcome there.  Some classes are skill driven (think Back to Basics), some are seasonally driven (Plant Based Meals), some are deep dives (Foraging Wild Mushrooms, anyone?) and some are a little bit of everything (hello Brunch & Bubbles!)

What to Expect in all of the Classes

Classes last between 2 and 3 hours.
Classes culminate in a family style meal around our barn wood tables.
You’ll be happier if your shoes are comfortable and your hair is tied back.
Your version of hands on can be “your hands on a wine glass” or you can be the chef’s right hand.  Your choice.
You’ll have access to a packet of recipes from the class so you can repeat them at home.
We will welcome you with an adult beverage if you’d like, and more are available to enjoy for purchase.
You’ll feel welcome.

Types of Classes

Back to Basics
Knife skills, Cooking Fundamentals, Sauce Making, Baking Basics and more.  There are intro classes and advanced, but they are able to meet you where you are and help improve your skillset in basic cookery.

Brunch & Bubbles
 This is a celebrate of all the things brunch.  These classes are menu driven and for those of us who enjoy a food focused start to your weekend days.  While sipping sparkling wine, of course.

Plant-based Meals
When you are trying to lean heavier into vegetables in your diet, this class helps you gain that experience.  The classes are not restricted to the vegan diet, but can be accommodated.  Meat eaters are allowed and encouraged to attend. :)

Simple Seasonal Suppers
Think of this as a class in “what you should be making for dinner right now”.  The approach to the food is always simple, but some menus are for entertaining on the weekends and some will be designated as easy weeknight meals.  Beginners to advanced cooks will have the opportunity to learn something.

Foodie's Night Out
These classes are for people that both want to geek out and step up their game in the kitchen, but also demand a good time.  They are thematic in nature.  The classes are always hands-on and tend to be a fun social evening.

Date Night Out
Much like Foodie’s Night out, these classes are both informative and a fun way to go out to dinner.  It gives you and a date (could be your BFF, your partner or your dad) an opportunity to spend the evening together without having to entertain yourselves alone.

Kids & Teens
We break kids into two groups 8-12 (kids) and 13-17 (teens).  Classes explore fundamentals of cooking and farming, with a splash of discipline, responsibility and hygiene.  Our aim it to help kids gain confidence while having fun in The Kitchen.

Family Classes
These classes are offered once a month and are designed for adult/kiddo pairs to come and cook together.  This is a great activity to do as a family, or a fun idea for grandparents and grandkids.  Expect plenty of fun hands-on activity.