Korie Ferriola • The Kitchen at Middleground Farms

Korie Ferriola

Ambassador of Details

As Korie, The Kitchen’s Ambassador of Details, she orchestrates a symphony of private events and meticulously handles administrative tasks. In her 5 1/2 years on the farm, Korie has engaged in every aspect—from managing bills and coordinating events to unexpected adventures like setting up animal shelters and mastering the art of driving a tractor.

Korie’s connection with The Kitchen began in 2015 when she attended a friend’s private event shortly after its opening. Her and her husband were immediately drawn in, sparking a lasting connection.

At the core of Korie’s joy are her twin passions for cooking and community service. Hosting expansive gatherings for friends, filled with delectable meals and exquisite wine, is where she finds immense fulfillment. These evenings often conclude around her backyard fire pit, forging unforgettable memories.

Korie’s commitment to community service extends to volunteering at Northwest Children’s Outreach with her kids.

Korie’s Great Dane, Cooper, plays a significant role in her home life. Beyond being a loyal friend, Cooper is in the midst of training, with aspirations of becoming a therapy dog and bringing comfort to hospital patients.

On a personal note, Korie’s journey from competitive swimmer to swim coach during her college years (go Zags!) adds a unique athletic dimension to her diverse background.

In a nutshell, Korie’s not just the Ambassador of Details; she’s a part of the heartbeat of The Kitchen, bringing a mix of passion, warmth, and organization to the table. Cheers to