Antiquum Farm Winemaker’s Dinner

We are excited to invite you to The Kitchen for a fun and informative demonstration cooking class featuring Oregon wines paired with seasonal food! Learn how we pair Antiquum Farm wines with the freshest ingredients available.

Stephen Hagen

Stephen Hagen

Farmer and Owner

Stephen grew up in a corner of rural Oregon in a town called Junction City. He returned home after several years in Chicago and Los Angeles to raise a family in the same feral setting as his own childhood. Freshly married, Stephen and his wife Niki bought a parcel of forest and pasture, with two steep slopes and a perfect site for a house of his design. They handmilled the Douglas fir beams and lumber to build a home of plaster and hay. Hagen has built every building standing on the farm today with his own hands; lovingly milling and shaping every board and stone.

Niki and Stephen spent the next 25 years creating one of the world’s most fascinating wine farms, and a way of thinking that is changing the scope of thought around the concept of terroir.=
Stephen and Niki planted vineyards on those two hillsides: a high-elevation ridgetop with incredibly thin soils was planted to Pinot Noir, and a lower, cooler site along the creek was planted to Pinot Gris. Initially, he began forming his ideas around Grazing Based Viticulture without any expectations of results, simply doing what he felt to be true and ethically

In 2007, he eliminated all use of fertilizers and began applying his learnings about rotational grazing to the vineyard setting. He began experimenting with various breeds of sheep, pigs, geese, and chickens, incorporating a diversity of life into the vineyard’s rhythm and ecosystem. This menagerie started providing nutrient material and micro-biological inoculum for the vines.

More About Antiquum Farm

The carefully chosen Katahdin/Dorper sheep, Kune Kune pigs, geese, and chickens at Antiquum Farm work in concert. The selection of each species and breed is based on hardiness and ability to thrive without supplemental feed. Further selection over 20 years has built flocks and herds that are truly self-sustaining. The sheep and pigs expose a buffet of insects and vineyard pests for the birds, while the birds reduce parasite loads and pests for the larger animals.

Kune Kune are a pig breed developed by the Māori of New Zealand. Their slow growth and smaller stature make Kune Kune a perfect candidate for grazing vineyards. Antiquum
Farm selected generations of individuals that thrive on the resources of the farm. The result is a beautiful old-style pig, capable of being managed on a diet of only pasture grass and forest forage. The entire system is watched over by a hardworking pack of seven Maremma dogs, who protect the animals from the mountain lions, bears, and coyote roaming the coastal forests of this area as well as air borne threats to the fowl and poultry. The peak of summer will see Antiquum Farm teeming with life as the populations fluctuate with the seasons and the resources of the farm. Hundreds of animals convene to create a loud, messy, beautiful, symphony of life.

In 2010, Stephen began seeing real shifts in the ways the vines at Antiquum Farm behaved: grape clusters standing upside down in the sun, Pinot Noir turning a brilliant shade of blue, clusters with both red and white grapes, and individual grapes with both colors. As the grazing of the animals began to shift the microbial properties of the soils, the vines themselves began to dramatically mutate.

Antiquum Farm has blossomed into a wildly expressive place untethered from varietal, regional, or historic expectations. This has opened a broader conversation around the potential depth of the concepts of true sustainability and authentic terroir. This diverse and vibrantly alive wine farm has built a microbiome that is uniquely tailored to thrive within the Grazing Based Viticulture system. The microflora and fauna feed the vines and create wines that clearly reflect the hard work and love that goes into them. Stephen has grown to understand — and is a strong advocate for — the idea that microbial complexity of soil, as well as the culture and ethics of the people working the land, are key drivers of personality and place in wine.

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We’ll be creating a seasonal menu paired with these beautiful wines.

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The Crew

Chef Jessica
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Sommelier Jean

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