Very Happy Cold Weather Crops

Very Happy Cold Weather Crops

This week the weather has fallen back into cold and wet, and our cool weather crops couldn’t be happier!

We are harvesting bok choy, radish, tons of lettuce, our first few strawberries, and almost every herb you can think of!

With the help of our awesome volunteers at Farm Day this last Saturday, we were able to plant an entire production bed, prep for our summer squash and potatoes AND set up a cut flower garden around some newly planted fruit trees.  It was a huge help, and we were so delighted with all of the progress. The summer squash we chose to plant this year included Cube of Butter, Dario, Sunburst & Latino.  We plan to plant more on trellises in the neighboring greenhouse.

This week we are prepping our winter squash bed to get those seeds in the ground. Last year we grew almost a thousand pounds of winter squash but still used all of it before Christmas! We have expanded this bed this year in the hopes of supplying us all winter.

As your garden provides more lettuce than you think you can eat, try this salad.  It’s main focus is beautiful greens with a bonus of crispy pan fried goat cheese!