The Garden is Loving This Week’s Heat

The Garden is Loving This Week’s Heat

It’s been warm this last week and the garden has been flourishing!

Our first strawberries are ripening up and the rhubarb is coming in so we have been whipping up some delicious desserts! We’ve also pickled rhubarb to use as a garnish to add a bright contrast to some rich dishes.

We are harvesting lettuce, radish, bok choy, and every herb you can think of! Our tomatoes, eggplants, and pepper starts are coming in nicely and our turnips and carrots are just popping up out of the ground after planting seeds less than two weeks ago.

The warmth of the soil is making a difference. We’ve even had to get some sprinklers going to make sure our seeds get what they need. What a contrast to last year.

We are looking forward to Farm Day this Saturday when we get to work in community in the garden so we really make progress. And we are looking forward to making some delicious wood-fired pizza and fresh salad from the garden!

THIS WEEK’S RECIPE – Rhubarb Buckle
Enjoy this Rhubarb Buckle recipe that we enjoyed with some freshly whipped cream.