Chef Jason Kline • the Kitchen at Middleground Farms

Jason will be at these upcoming classes & events:

Chef Jason Kline

Chef and Culinary Artist

Jason has been passionate about cooking for at least a decade now, with teaching becoming a more recent and unexpected joy. The idea of teaching hadn’t really crossed his mind until he heard about The Kitchen, but it turns out he really loves it.

In all seriousness and relatability hunger was the spark of his inspiration. Growing up with parents who weren’t the greatest cooks, Jason was encouraged to try everything, fostering his love for a wide range of foods. As family dinners became repetitive, he sought out new culinary experiences.

His favorite part about what he does is not just the freshness of the farm ingredients or the opportunity to work with diverse cuisines and techniques, but the simple pleasure of making delicious food and sharing it with happy people.

Outside the kitchen, Jason finds joy in playing various games, be they card, video, board, or otherwise. The friendly and lighthearted experience of engaging in games with friends and loved ones, along with occasional bouts of healthy competition, brings him happiness.

Additionally, he spends time playing tug-o-war with his dogs Sterling and Maggie, who still think they can win, and watches his ferrets Szechuan and Sesame wrestle in their own Rice Dome. Jason’s love for animals extends over to the farm where he gets to interact with our many animal friends!

Some random facts about Jason include his move to Portland from the East Coast about two years ago, attending Johnson and Wales in Providence, RI for culinary education, holding an official rejection letter from the state of California in a humorous attempt to take his ferrets at the border, being mildly proficient at creating balloon animals and that his favorite food is Spicy Miso Ramen.

We love having Jason’s creativity, talent, and lighthearted energy on our team!