Chef Jessica Hansen • The Kitchen at Middleground Farms

Jessica will be at these upcoming classes & events:

Chef Jessica Hansen

Owner and Founder

Jessica learned in her early 20s that taking care of people through cooking and hosting was her love language. Her passion for starting the farm was sparked years back when she became deeply interested in sourcing food locally and sustainably.

Before having children, Jessica would spend hours weekly driving from farm to farm to get the right milk, meat, and produce. In later years this interest led her and her husband Jason to take it into their own hands to grow and raise food themselves, which is where the idea for middle-ground farms was birthed.

They purchased the farm to create not just an organic farm lifestyle but also a career for Jess, really close to home. Jessica’s culinary school experience, teaching classes at Sur la Table, and working with sub-zero as a corporate chef taught her that teaching and helping people better understand and connect to their food was her deepest passion.

Middleground Farms embodies Jessica’s heart for community, fellowship, and good food. Her joy is bringing people closer to the source of their food and bringing people together around the table.

Jessica’s farm dream has blossomed into a beautiful reality that is ever-growing and changing. The farm is not just work; it is her joy. In Jessica’s words:

“I have quiet, I have chaos, I have nature, I have celebration, I have dogs, I have wine, friendship, family, and food. Middleground Farms has become all of my joys wrapped up in one place.”