Emily Harkavy • The Kitchen at Middleground Farms

Emily Harkavy

Marketing/Media and Experience

Emily’s journey at Middleground Farms has looked like wearing several hats over the years. From running food, running errands, and babysitting to spearheading marketing and media and helping cultivate the customer experience. She’s gotten the opportunity to be involved in various aspects here at the farm. Emily’s journey began in the summer of 2020 when her family’s home AC decided to take a break. Jason Hansen, the AC hero, mentioned his wife’s farm-to-table business, sparking her interest. That day, armed with homemade granola and a card, Emily knocked on Jessica’s kitchen door. The response? “Can you start Friday?” And so, Emily’s journey at Middleground Farms unfolded.

In addition to her role at the farm, Emily is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner dedicated to helping women find hormonal balance through a holistic, bio-individual approach. During her downtime, you can find her immersing herself in nature – hiking, at the rock climbing gym, geeking out over nutrition and cooking, and occasionally jetting off to explore new cultures overseas.

Above all, Emily treasures her connections with her people, finding the deepest joy in moments shared with her fiancé, family, and friends. Middleground Farms has evolved beyond a workplace for Emily; it’s a community she’s genuinely grateful to be a part of, contributing in her small way to the shared passion and purpose of the team.