Jean Householder • The Kitchen at Middleground Farms

Jean Householder

Curator of Wine and Experience

Jean has a remarkable hospitality industry career spanning over 30 years. Her passion for wine was ignited about 15 years ago during her employment at the Refectory, a renowned fine dining establishment in Ohio. Working in this upscale establishment, she was introduced to the art of fine dining. Her mentor and the owner of the restaurant, Kamal, played a pivotal role in fostering her passion for wine and providing her with insights into the world of fine wines.

This experience transformed her perspective on hospitality and instilled a curiosity in her love for wine.

The spark of passion for hospitality started at age 19 when Jean boldly decided to leave nursing school and move into entrepreneurship by opening her own coffee shop, Somethin’s Brewin. Though not immensely profitable, this entrepreneurial venture was a pivotal chapter in her life. It imparted valuable lessons in hard work and dedication and instilled in her a strong sense of pride in managing a business.

In later years, her journey took her to California, where she worked at a beachfront hotel, serving brunch to a diverse clientele, including several celebrities. Here, her burgeoning passion for wine was recognized, and her employer generously sponsored her wine education, setting her on a path of exploration into the world of wine.

Jean’s relocation to Oregon’s Willamette Valley marked the next significant chapter in her career. She worked at Domaine Serene, a prominent winery, and Tavern on Kruse, a restaurant. These experiences deepened her resolve to make wine more accessible and enjoyable for everyone!

In 2020, during the challenges posed by the pandemic, Jean crossed paths with Jessica, who was intrigued by her deep-rooted passion for wine and hospitality. The two decided to collaborate at Middleground Farms, embarking on a journey that has led to the expansion of the wine program and the creation of unique offerings like wine dinners at the farm, thanks to Jean’s expertise in wine and hospitality.

Known for her unwavering dedication and strong work ethic, Jean consistently goes above and beyond to create exceptional customer experiences. Beyond her professional endeavors, Jean’s passions revolve around her incredible family, love for food, cooking, hosting, and wine. She takes immense pride in her garden and the company of her animal companions on her 5-acre property in Sherwood, Oregon, where she resides with her lovely wife and daughter.

The Kitchen at Middleground Farms is not just a workplace for Jean; it’s a joyful opportunity to spend time with friends, sharing great wine and exquisite cuisine!