For up-to-date schedules and menus, register below for our weekly emails.

For up-to-date schedules and menus, register below for our weekly emails.

The Kitchen

Are gift certificates available?

Yes, you can obtain a certificate either online or during your visit.

To request one online, navigate to the ‘Contact Us’ tab on our website, where you’ll find options to receive a certificate via email or mail.

If you prefer an in-person experience, just approach any member of our team during your visit, and we’ll happily provide you with a physical copy on the spot.

Are the instructors all trained chefs?

Our chefs all come from different culinary backgrounds; they are all trained and ready to educate you on everything from foraging and harvesting to knife skills and baking.

Why was The Kitchen started?

The Kitchen was born from a dream to bring people closer to the source of their food. Our mission is twofold: to encourage seasonal and local eating and to empower individuals with the knowledge and confidence to expertly prepare and cook the food they consume.

How can I purchase cooking tools or ingredients mentioned in a class?

Our team is here to assist you in acquiring the finest tools and ingredients. Many of our favorite tools are available next door in The Wine Barn to purchase when you attend a class.

Feel free to ask any of our team members about food sourcing or recommended tools during class. You can also shoot us an email, and we’ll do our utmost to provide the guidance you need!

How many cooking classes are offered each month?

Our exact amount differs monthly depending on private events and the season, but you can expect 8-12. We do our best to offer a wide selection of classes each month so keep your eyes peeled!

Are the cooking classes appropriate for kids or teenagers?

We recommend our classes for adults and older teens. However, we also provide specialized classes and camps exclusively designed for teens or kids. We aim to create inclusive culinary experiences for every age group.

If there is a particular class you and your teen(s) are interested in, please contact us and we can ask the chefs if the minimum age can be dropped.